Thursday, 12 January 2012

Rules and Points

 Group Stage 
 ● Predict the result of every Group Stage match, win or draw with result (24 matches in total)
 ● Predict the finishing positions in each group (A-D)
    First 40pts  Second 30 pts  Third 20 pts  Fourth 10 points
    Points for predicting all four positions correct in each group 50

Knockout Stage 
 ● Predict the participating teams and match results from each of the Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Final
 ● If you believe Knockout Stage match(es) are going to be decided by extra-time and/or penalty kicks,  additional points will be awarded for correct predictions and points deducted for incorrect et/pk predictions Extra time ET & PK Correct Knockout Stage match prediction +25   +50 (respectively)
Incorrect Knockout Stage match prediction -25  -50 (respectively)

Golden Boot Winner 
 ● Predict the Golden Boot winner at the end of EURO 2012 Finals with player name and country - 50 points will be awarded to correct prediction

Point Allocations 
Points for correct match winner/draw and correct score result - Group Stage (50) Quarterfinals (50) Semifinals (100) Final (200)
Points for each correct team advancing - Semifinal (50) and Final (100) points                    
Points for correct match winner/draw result only  - Group Stage (25) Quarterfinals (25) Semifinals (50) Final (100)

Welcome to Match of the Day

With the European Championships only 4 months away, the EURO 2012 Fantasy Football Prediction games will be going live a month before the championships begins. The Fantasy Football Prediction game is where each player predicts the results of every match at the European Championships from the Group Stage to the Final.

Entry fee: $20 per entry (maximum 2 entries per person)

Prize breakdown: (the remaining 50% of total entry fees collected)
1st Place - 50% of entrance fees
2nd Place - 30% of entrance fees
3rd Place - 20% of entrance fees

Throughout the tournament, daily results from UEFA EURO 2012 Poland-Ukraine will be posted including group tables at the end of each day, prediction game tables and leading goal scorers.

If you are interested in playing, just send your name and email address to the above email address. You'll be contact when the prediction game goes live.